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Considerations When Creating A Clean & Functional Commercial Kitchen

When you are creating a commercial kitchen, there are many factors you must consider which can ensure that it is a suitable design and is also hygienic. You will need to design your kitchen layout carefully to ensure it is practical for everyone working in the space and there is plenty of room. You must also ensure that you adhere to Health & Safety standards for a commercial kitchen, and you can get more information on this subject by clicking here. Below are some other factors you must consider when designing the layout of your commercial kitchen that can help ensure it is a success and a suitable space for your employees.

The Floors Of Your Kitchen

Plenty of options are available when you look at the various types of flooring materials you can use in your kitchen. You will want to select a material that is hard-wearing and simple to clean, which can help ensure you have a clean and hygienic kitchen. Accidents will happen, so you must select a flooring material that can cope with hot items being dropped, including hot oil and pots and pans. An excellent choice that is hard-wearing and simple to keep clean is a resin floor, which can take a lot of abuse and still look fantastic.

The Kitchen Ceiling

You will also need to consider what type of ceiling you will use in your kitchen, and an excellent choice that is easy to clean is choosing a suspended ceiling. These types of ceilings are common in commercial kitchens, and you can get ceiling tiles suitable for humid conditions and clean them easily by wiping them down. A British Gypsum ceiling is an excellent choice for your kitchen, and they have various ceiling tiles from which you can choose to help create the perfect commercial kitchen. They can also offer additional acoustic insulation to reduce the noise from the kitchen and ensure diners can eat their food in peace.

The Kitchen Walls

You will also need to have a suitable material on the walls of your commercial kitchen to help keep it clean. You often get accidents and spillages in a commercial kitchen, which can sometimes end up on the walls, so you want to cover them in something easy to clean. An excellent option is wall tiles, available in various colours and designs; they do not absorb stains and are simple to clean using a cloth and cleaning liquid. It is often best to have white tiles in the kitchen, and although these are plain, they are practical as it is easy to see when they are dirty.

Your Kitchen Equipment

You will also need to consider the equipment in your commercial kitchen, which must be practical and easy to clean. Most commercial kitchens use stainless steel appliances, as they can be cleaned and sanitised easily and can stand a lot of abuse when t comes to spillages. When you combine this with the other factors above, you can create an excellent commercial kitchen for your business that looks fantastic, is hygienic, and is simple to clean.

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