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Simplifying The Vaping Experience & Using A Disposable Vape

When you are keen to start vaping to help wean yourself off cigarettes and regain control of your life, looking at all the available options can be daunting. When looking at the various available products, it is hard to know where to start and what type of vaping device will be best for your needs. There is a vast amount of vape juice flavours available and an equally massive amount of choice when choosing a vaping device. If it is making your head spin, looking at all the options, you can simplify things by choosing to use a disposable vaping device, and there are many benefits to using a disposable vape.

The Benefits Of Disposable Vapes

When you start using a disposable vape, it is much simpler than other types of vaping devices. You must ensure you always have the necessary accessories to keep you vaping happily, which means a full battery, plenty of vape juice, spare coils, or atomisers, depending on the type of device, and potentially other items. However, when you use a disposable vape, there is no need to concern yourself with these items, as each disposable vape is fully charged and filled with delicious vape juice, and you can press the button, and you are on your way.

What To Expect From A Disposable Vape?

A significant benefit of using a disposable pen vaping device is that there is nothing for you to do except enjoy using it. You will not need to charge the battery or top up the e-liquid, and there are no coils to change that can get messy. Most disposable vapes have between 575 to 600 puffs per device, equivalent to around two and a half packs of cigarettes. Comparing the cost of a disposable vape to a pack of cigarettes, costing around £6 per unit, makes disposable vapes highly affordable and much cheaper than cigarettes. There are also many delicious flavours available to enjoy vaping, and you can easily switch between two different flavours if you want.

The Different Disposable Vapes

Various manufacturers of disposable vaping devices are reputable and known to supply quality products, so it does not matter which brand you choose. The best brand of disposable vape for you will be determined by the flavours you prefer to vape, as most devices are similar. Some of the popular brands of disposable vapes include:

  • Elf Bar
  • Geek Bar
  • Fantasi Bar
  • Juice Head
  • Lost Mary
  • Elux Bar
  • Kingston Zero

Most manufacturers make similar specification devices, so the most important factor to consider is the flavours you want to vape.

A Variety Of Flavours Available

Although there are fewer flavours available than the various e-liquids, there is still plenty of choices available of different flavours you can use. There are many fruit flavours of disposable vapes you can choose, such as:

  • Cola Ice
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Watermelon

Select a variety of flavours you like and make sure you rotate them, so your tastebuds do not become too accustomed to them, and they remain delicious. Plenty of vape juice flavours are available when using a disposable vape, with something to suit most tastes.

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