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Getting Your Home & Family Ready To Welcome A Dog Into Your Lives

It can be an exciting time when you have decided to get a dog for your family, and there are many factors you must consider. Being a dog owner comes with much responsibility, and you will need to ensure your home is ready to welcome a canine into it and you can provide them with an environment where they will thrive. You will need to buy many things to prepare for your new dog, and you also need to get your family ready and understand the roles everyone plays. Below are some tips to help you get started preparing for your dog and ensure you can provide them with a loving and nurturing home where they will thrive.

Puppy Proof Your Home 

It is common for dogs, especially puppies who are teething, to chew anything they can find, which can be frustrating for a dog owner. One way to help prevent this is by puppy-proofing your home and removing temptation from their paths. Get down on your hands and knees and see what you can see that may catch a dog’s attention and try and remove these items. You will need to do this for every room the dog will have access to, and you may want to get baby gates to control which rooms they have access to using these gates.

Shopping For Supplies

You must buy many things for your new dog to help them settle into your home and ensure they have everything they need. Your dog will need a comfortable bed or a crate, and they will need food and a separate water bowl. They will need a blanket, towel, collar lead, dog shampoo, tick and flea treatments, and many other products, including dog food and treats. When you have everything needed, you are almost ready to welcome the dog into your home, but you will also need to consider training your new family member.

Training Your New Dog

There are various options available when looking to train your dog, and you can find a lot of  dog training courses Scotland-wide that may be suitable for your canine. You must consider whether you will do group classes, individual classes, or a residential dog training course to teach your animal commands and how to behave. You can try training them yourself if you prefer, and many guides and information on the subject are available online. Whatever option you choose, you will still need to do lots of work at home to reinforce the training they have had.

Welcoming Your New Dog

Now that you have everything you need to take care of your new dog, you can welcome them into your home. You will want to keep calm when they arrive and not get too excited, which will also excite the dog. Many websites have helpful information that can help you welcome your dog into your home and ensure they settle in quickly. Take the time to do your research and explain to the entire family what is needed, and your new dog will settle in quickly and soon be a welcome part of the family.

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